Jungle Treehouse

The Daintree Jungle Treehouse is true jungle style Daintree accommodation located deep inside the Daintree rainforest, within walking distance of the rainforest village Cape Tribulation.

This accommodation is probably best described as glamping, somewhere in between camping and a cabin.

Nearby you will find pristine beaches, walking trails in the National Park, bars, shops and restaurants.

Designed and built as an octagon shaped treehouse, set three metres high to enjoy magnificent views of the dense surrounding rain forest, 150 metres from the nearest neighbour, and right next to a beautiful creek with a swimming hole.

Treehouses have become very popular in recent years and a lot of places now call their cabins treehouses as soon as they are raised more than half a metre off the ground but THIS IS A TREEHOUSE!

Perfect accommodation for the adventurous traveller who likes just a bit more luxury than camping in a tent. This treehouse has a queen size bed in the main living area and two hammocks.

This unique accommodation features a (composting) toilet with rain forest views, an outdoor (hot) shower, solar electricity, a queen size bed, an east facing breakfast bar, a small gas fridge, a basic kitchen, and a wood fired barbeque out the back.

An open design ensures natural ventilation and great jungle views, while roll down screens can keep out the rain which is a part of life in the rain forest.

At nearby Rainforest Hideaway we can arrange all your tours and activities and you can use free Wi-Fi available outside the Administration Building.

Contrary to what you would expect, there are no mosquitoes at night!

The Jungle Treehouse accommodates 2 persons.



Prices start at: $348 for 2 nights

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