Horse Riding

Cape Tribulation Horse Rides runs every day, picking up from Rainforest Hideaway or another location of your choice around 8 am for the morning ride, 11:30 am for the mid-morning ride, and 14:30 pm for the afternoon ride. During low season the afternoon ride may not run.
The transfer vehicle will take you to the horse stables where you will be given a horse to suit your riding experience and skills and instructions on how to ride.

Then you will ride your horse through the amazing Daintree rainforest and several creek crossings until you get to to Myall Beach for a ride along pristine coconut tree lined Myall Beach with spectacular view of Cape Tribulation. On the way back to the stables you will again ride through the rainforest trails. For the more experienced riders there will be also be some opportunity to trot and canter.

Please note that this website is Rainforest Hideaway accommodation, we are not the horse ride tour operator.

Information on this page is intended to help our guests plan their activities during their stay.

Before booking your horse ride please take a bit of time to consider what your riding ability is.
It is important that you do not overstate your riding ability as it can lead to dangerous situations and injuries and will also reduce your enjoyment of the horse ride.

C – Total beginners with no riding experience, riders who have ridden 30 times or used to ride years ago, riders with some experience but who are not confident trotting, cantering or controlling a horse.

B – Riders who have ridden at least 30 times, riders who are confident controlling a horse.

A – Riders who are absolutely confident with every aspect of riding, have several years experience, and continue to ride frequently.

Due to insurance requirements the minimum age for this horse riding tour is 13 years.

There is also a weight limit for riders of 102 kg. If you are a large person don’t think you can lie your way through, they have scales at the stables and it is strictly enforced.


$110 / Once / Per Guest