Jungle Surfing

Jungle Surfing is Cape Tribulation’s newest and most adrenaline packed activity.

Almost next door to us is the patch of jungle where Cape Trib Jungle Surfing can take you up in to the rain forest canopy for a thrilling zip lining tour. Tours depart every hour every day of the week, duration about two hours from pick up to return. This is absolutely the most exciting way to explore the rain forest. They also do guided night walks.

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours gives you the unique opportunity to fly with the birds gliding through and above the rainforest canopy along a series of flying fox cables or zip lines.

Explore the many levels of the oldest rainforest in the world from viewing platforms high in the towering trees. At each platform highly trained climbing and abseiling masters will explain your surroundings.

Under the guidance of highly trained and experienced guides you will be transported up into the rainforest canopy at the base of Mount Sorrow where platforms in the tree tops are connected with steel cables. You will be fitted with a safety harness which will clip on to the flying fox cable and there you go, gliding like a bird through the rainforest canopy. Tours depart hourly throughout the day and last about two hours.

From the platforms up in the treetops you will enjoy the spectacular views over the green rainforest canopy out to the Coral Sea, many of the region’s coral reefs and sand cays are visible from here. All jungle surfing tours include a rainforest ecology walk and commentary with Jungle Adventure’s highly trained tour guides.


$109 / Once / Per Guest