Reef Snorkelling

An absolute must-do on many people’s bucket list is a snorkel tour on the Great Barrier Reef to see all the awesomely coloured tropical fish, corals, and even sea turtles, and Cape Tribulation is the place to do it being the closest to the reef along the whole coast. Small groups of max. 27 passengers ensure a great experience and in the right season you will even see whales too!

A snorkelling tour on The Great Barrier Reef off the coast at Cape Tribulation is something you simply can not miss out on, and with the Daintree coast being closer to the reef than anywhere else in Queensland and you can be out on the reef in only twenty minutes for a half day snorkelling tour!

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation is likely to be the highlight of your Daintree holiday.

Above you see the Ocean Safari, a high speed 12 metre rigid inflatable with two V8 700 horsepower motors that carries a maximum of only 25 passengers and they can take you out to the Great Barrier Reef in only 20 minutes for an unforgettable half day of snorkelling.

Out on the Great Barrier Reef Reef you will see thousands of brightly coloured fish, sea turtles, giant clams and even some harmless small reef sharks.
Dependent on tides and weather conditions the boat will take you to either Undine Reef or Mackay Reef where you will visit two different sites with at least two hours spent on the reef.

In Cape Tribulation there is no guaranteed whale sighting like they have in places such as Hervey Bay where they spend time in the bay, but the whales have often been seen passing while they travel up and down the coast, the photos below are taken off the Cape Tribulation coast.


$154 / Once / Per Guest