Tours and Activities

In Cape Tribulation you can indulge yourself in many vigorous activities or you can chill out and do absolutely nothing but relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of what the old rainforest in the world has to offer you.

At Rainforest Hideaway we do not book these tours for you due to unforeseen seasonal closures or events but we are always happy to advise you on what local tours are available and which ones we feel would be most suitable and enjoyable for you.  

NOTE:  Most organised tours pick up from Rainforest Hideaway with free courtesy buses or transit, should you require this,.

There is a fantastic range of tours available in Cape Tribulation to help you explore this unique area where two World Heritage areas meet, the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Explore now which one is best for you.

See below for some ideas to assist you.

Exotic Fruit Tasting

After many years of running the exotic fruit tasting tours at Cape Tribulation Digby and Alison have sold the farm and retired. But now the Cape Trib Farm runs tours every day at 2PM in the peak season and a few days less outside the peak season. Here you can discover such fruits as soursops, […]

Crocodile Spotting

The Daintree river and surrounding region is home to many crocodiles and there are a number of boats available that can take you out on the water to see these amazing reptiles from a safe distance. You can do a crocodile cruise along the way up or down to Cape Tribulation, in Daintree Village there […]

Horse Riding

Cape Tribulation Horse Rides┬áruns every day, picking up from Rainforest Hideaway or another location of your choice around 8 am for the morning ride, 11:30 am for the mid-morning ride, and 14:30 pm for the afternoon ride. During low season the afternoon ride may not run. The transfer vehicle will take you to the horse […]

4WD Safaris

From Melbourne you can follow the sealed roads 4000km. up the coast but it finishes at Cape Tribulation. For the adventurous travelers wanting to explore the wilderness even further north than Cape Tribulation there are two tour operators that run four wheel drive safaris, ranging from half day tours to Bloomfield Falls to full day […]

Guided Nightwalks

There is a good choice of boardwalks and walking trails around Cape Tribulation where you can explore the rainforest on your own but there are a few reasons to book on a guided day or nightwalk. The rainforest at night is a different place, where animals come out that hide during the day. Your guide […]