Tourist Information

Below are some common questions to find your way around Cape Tribulation and enjoy a stress-free holiday.

How do we get there?

We are located 145 km. or 2.5 hours from Cairns. It is a spectacular scenic journey with magnificent ocean views along the Great Barrier Reef Drive, then a ferry crossing over the Daintree river and then another 36 km through rainforest to Cape Tribulation. We are easy to find, listed on local tourist maps and signposted from the main road.

A 4WD is only needed if you wish to go further north of Cape Tribulation.

There is limited bus transport such as Transnorth and Cape Trib Connections.

What to do?

If you don’t want to venture out too far, we have the   Sculpture Trail 

There is a good range of local tours available if you want to get active, such as snorkelling the reef, jungle surfing, horse riding, crocodile spotting, guided nightwalks, exotic fruit tasting, 4WD tours up the Bloomfield Track etc.

And there is also a choice of rainforest walks, ranging from easy boardwalks to climbing Mount Sorrow.

Beaches and where to swim?

The Daintree coast has many magnificent unspoilt paradise beaches. On arrival we will show you on the map where to find the best ones. In the Daintree you can still find a remote beach all to yourself.

There has been an increased presence of crocodiles in the ocean the last couple of years but around Cape Tribulation there are some beautiful swimming holes in the freshwater rain forest streams for safe swimming, we have a seasonal one in the back of our property.

What’s a Cassowary?

The cassowary is one of Australia’s most spectacular animals, a dinosaur like bird that can reach two metres in height, we often see them around Rainforest Hideaway.

Be careful on your drive up here, they often cross the roads unexpectedly and are not that easy to see despite their size.